Underground ART

If you stick your nose outta your phone and actually become a little curious of your surroundings, you will notice the various art installations the MTA adorned their stations with. Take a New York minute out of your busy day and absorb the little things which might just make your commute a tad bit more enjoyable.  Trust me; after dealing with train delays, packed cars, smelly passengers and the countless service changes.  You’re gonna need any bit of a stress reliever that you can get!  Have fun commuting!



long island CITY!!- Watch out Manhattan

It wasn’t that long ago when I would walk by Long Island City in Queens and the only skyscraper  around would be, what seemed at the time, a very odd place to put a Citibank building.  There was nothing but old beat up buildings, warehouses and remnants of a time when the area was an industrial hub.  Fast forward to present day and some of those industrial building were repurposed into lofts, schools, offices and many demolished.  What now takes up that space is a construction boom of skyscrapers.  You can’t walk a block without seeing a new building go up. Long Island city is truly becoming a sister city right across the river from Manhattan.  Claim your condo now because this is where the action is at in Queens.


Catch me inside!

Sometimes you have to channel your inner Usain Bolt if you really want to catch that train!  Then you must survive the threat of … “watch out for the closing guillotines please”! – Survival of the fittest in this urban jungle.

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